Dear Mr. Grumpy,
The current owner of the property has it listed as a short sale, but when it came time to work out financing, his mortgage institution knew nothing about it. What can I do?
Baited and Switched

Dear B&S,
This looks like a bunch of BS to me, alright. To put it bluntly, when a seller is “underwater” the financial institution at one point will be calling all the shots. If they don’t approve a short sale, there is no short sale. You are now up against the “Bank” and that can be frustrating because of all the red tape. Sometimes it takes a long time just to get a simple answer and a real long time before you close. I suggest you work with an agent who specializes in short sales and knows how to negotiate with the “Bank”. Maybe you should just keep looking. Or wait until the bank forecloses and then scramble to pick up the pieces, squatter style.