Dear Grumpy Realtor,
My husband and I have already signed a contract to sell our home, but now we’ve changed our minds.  Can we get out of the contract? We don’t want to leave.
Home Sweet Home

Dear Homie,
Your waffling may have set you up for some serious headaches. You should always be sure you want to act before doing something like tying yourself into a contract. However, all is not lost. Put on your best butt kissing boots and be straight with your realtor and all involved. Ask to get out of the contract.  Pretty please, with sugar on top.

Keep in mind, though, that they have likely put some hard currency up in anticipation of the big move.  They may have already sold their current home, or told their landlord to take a flying leap. You’d do well to try to soften the blow by offering to absorb the real costs they’ve endured. Also, the realtors may be due their commission if you try to get out of the contract. If everyone resists, then lawyer up and dig in for a fight. Or just stand by your contract and go find a new home.