Dear Grumpy Realtor,
I’m torn between building a site-built home or putting up a manufactured home. How much difference will it make down the road?
Bob the Builder

Dear Seriously, Bob?,
Once upon a time, there would have been a super easy answer to this. Back in the 60s and 70s, Manufactured Homes were called “trailers” and “mobile homes”, because that’s exactly what they were. Their construction was even supervised by the DMV! Can you imagine? That all changed in 1976, when oversight switched to the Housing and Community Development Department (HCD), and new building standards were employed. As a result, Manufactured Homes can be pretty great. Did I just write that out loud? I did. With the right modifications and some creative landscaping, it’s often hard to tell a MH from a site-built (aka stick-built) home. And since they’re built in a factory, it’s often easier to control the Quality Assurance. Long gone are the days of the “trailer park” stigma.

That all having been said, the real defining factor on your investment is not what you build, but where you build. Structures crumble, but land is forever. Except in California.