Dear GR,
We’ve just discovered that the house we bought last year is infected with mold. Why didn’t anyone tell us? We certainly would have chosen a different house. I have a baby, and it worries me sick. Do we have any recourse? This house stinks.
Mad & Moldy

Dear Moldy,
Remember that old adage: “Buyer Beware”? Sadly, that’s what we’re seeing here. The legalities of the issue vary from state to state, but even at best, the seller is required to disclose any known issues. But what if they honestly didn’t know about the mold? Short of a paper trail regarding some sort of mold-specific inspection or maintenance, there’s no way to prove they even knew the problem existed and therefore can’t be held responsible. In fact, mold inspections aren’t even part of a normal house inspection to-do list. If an inspector does find something, he’ll probably call for a separate mold assessment. So, you’re kind of stuck in a stinky situation. No pun intended.