Dear Old Grump,
I think the seller was insulted by my lowball offer. What’s the best way to make a better offer without feeling like they have me over a barrel?
Dolla Dolla Bill

Dear Lowball Bill,
What’s your definition of lowballing? Did you come in way below the asking price because it was the best you can do, or was it part of a strategy? What were the conditions of your offer? Many times, a seller will be turned off by an offer that is insultingly low or is attached to a bunch of contingencies such as “I need to sell my current house first” or “Aunt Tilley is going to kick the bucket any day now and I’ll have lots of money if she doesn’t leave it to her cat”.

Making a lowball offer sets the mood between seller and buyer. My advice is to be respectful. How would you feel if you were the seller and this happened to you? A good agent can get you back on track with the seller and if all goes well you’ll be living in the house that you almost lost.