Dear Grumpty Realtor,
I can’t keep up with my mortgage and am afraid that I’ll soon be facing foreclosure. Is there any other option for me?

Foreclosures are so 2008. I can understand why you’d like to avoid the hassle, but if you are consistently late on your house payments and there is no hope for the future, foreclosure may be your future. The process is a big long pain in the… credit score… and will undoubtedly cause several sleepless nights. My best advice is become best friends with your bank. You can try to get the bank to agree to something called a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, in which you turn over the property and agree that no more money changes hands. If you’re lucky, they might give you time to sell your house and pay those big boys back. Your credit score still will take a beating, but not as badly as if you went full foreclosure.