Dear Grumpy Realtor,
The seller has accepted my offer and I’m anxious to move into the house and avoid paying the extra rent at my current apartment. Do I have to wait until closing, or can I get in early?
Itching to Move

Dear Itchy,
Slow it down there, partner. Maybe is the answer. You probably should not move in before closing because there is risk involved with this decision…risks of delays, risks of not getting you financing and on and on. I applaud your enthusiasm, but buying or selling a home takes a long time, and every step needs to be carried out – all the I’s crossed and T’s dotted. Put some cortisone on that itch and wait it out. The seller surely has plenty of loose ends to tie up before you come battering down their door. Now if the house is vacant and everything’s been going smoothly, the seller might agree to a temporary lease (before closing) but you will probably be asked to pay a little rent to the seller. Ask your realtor about this scenario.