Dear Grumpy Realtor,
One thing I hate about living in the country is all the bugs. Are homeowners required to keep a record of how often they get exterminator service? I know it would be a big factor for me and my wife.
Bugging Out in Waco

Dear Bug A Boo,
That bug phobia must really be under your skin if you’re just itching for me to answer this question. Folks will be coming out of the woodwork to hear that homeowners aren’t required to keep records of practically any sort of maintenance they have done, though it certainly would behive them to do so. The best advice I can can give is for you to ask the seller or their representative; it won’t bug them too much. Now if the seller has done termite treatment or wood destroying insect treatment they need to disclose that on the seller disclosure…so read that carefully or you might be in for a surprise. BOO!