Dear Grumpy Realtor,
I’m interested in buying a house, but I was wondering if there was any way to tell what sort of easements apply to the property, if any? I have a friend who can’t plant trees too close to the road in front of her house and wishes she knew that when she bought it.
This Land is My Land

Dear Easement-E,
Ease-y there, fella! Easements, also known as “right-of-way” policies are fairly common. Sometimes neighbors (or even the public) need access through your property for some reason, or the local power company might have the right to dig up your back yard to access their hardware, and there isn’t a plumb thing you can do about it. When your friend bought her house she probably was required to buy a survey for her lender. That survey would have shown the easements that came with the property. Or you can find the information on file at the local assessor’s office. Your tree-loving friend should have dug a little deeper. Don’t make the same mistake.