Dear Grumpy Realtor,
My friend is in the process of buying a house, and his realtor is also representing the seller. That smells fishy to me. What gives? Is that even legal?
Friends Helping Friends

Dear Friendly,
There’s no law against a licensed realtor working both sides of a deal. In Texas this is referred to as “Intermediary”. In other words a realtor can work with both the buyer and seller as long as this relationship is fully disclosed and hopefully signed off on. The realtor must treat both sides fairly and can not disclose any personal information between the two parties. Many realtors won’t put themselves in that situation (really, who needs the extra stress of two sets of paranoid clients questioning your every move?), but those who do work both sides need to be mindful to walk both sides carefully through the deal before an offer goes in. If your friend feels squeamish about this situation they can always get another realtor.