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Is a Stager Really Necessary?


Mr. Grump, My realtor suggested using a stager to help with the sale, but my wife and I think we have a pretty good eye for design. Is a stager really necessary? - Setting the

Is a Stager Really Necessary?2018-06-24T02:46:12+00:00

Are Realtor Fees Negotiable?


Dear Grumpy Realtor, I'm trying to locate a trustworthy realtor, but I also don't want to spend more money than I need to. Are realtor fees negotiable, or am I just being “Cheap”? Dear El

Are Realtor Fees Negotiable?2018-06-24T02:44:50+00:00

Should We Purchase a Foreclosed Home?


Dear Mr. Grump, My husband and I are first-time buyers and have our eye on a very cute home. The catch is that it was foreclosed and has been unoccupied for some time. What are

Should We Purchase a Foreclosed Home?2018-06-24T02:42:56+00:00

How Can I Recover From A Lowball Offer?


Dear Old Grump, I think the seller was insulted by my lowball offer. What's the best way to make a better offer without feeling like they have me over a barrel? Dolla Dolla Bill Dear

How Can I Recover From A Lowball Offer?2018-06-24T02:36:41+00:00

Is There Any Way To Know Utility Costs?


Grumpy Realtor, My wife and I really love a house we recently toured and want to put in an offer, so we're trying to anticipate a budget. Is there any way to know what my

Is There Any Way To Know Utility Costs?2018-06-24T02:34:55+00:00
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